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Denice Wai

Chief Instructor, Founder of Six Senses Limited

From a young age, Denice found her passion for cooking through helping her father, a professional chef operating a successful catering business in Hong Kong. Since then, her love for food and cooking has led her traveling around the world to experience the culinary delights that every part of the world has to offer. Due to her family's health history, Denice has started researching and self-studying in food nutrients and ingredients in order to elevates her delicious yet healthy recipes. Since 2007 Denice has expanded her cooking experience to local TV stations, examples, TVB's Chef Minor 1 & 2 – 我係小廚神1 & 2, 新派煮意 – Denice’s Kitchen and Fairchild TV's 名人愛廚房.

A series of recipes and cooking videos for TruNatural products by Denice can be found below.

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