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At WholeBrand we are always trying to improve by:

  • Creating better packaging for maximum flavour and tenderness 

  • Enhancing recipe for a more authentic taste

  • Creating new products for both TruNatural and Trugourmet

Something to look forward to...

 極上 TruNatural

•Spicy challenge Products

•Traditional Dim Sum

– Siu Mai 燒賣, Sticky Rice糯米雞, Spring Roll春卷, BBQ Pork Bun叉燒包


– Potsticker鍋貼, Wonton 水餃 

•Traditional Hong Kong Style Dishes

– Minced Pork蒸肉餅, Steamed Chicken蒸雞, Steamed Sparerib蒸排骨

RWA Lean ground Pork
RWA Lean pork

知味 TruGourmet

•Vietnamese Meat Balls 越南牛丸

•Fiery Hot Drumstick 地獄辣雞膇

•Fried Rice 炒飯

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